Tuesday, 4 January 2011

UZS Engine

Yes, I have finally stopped using that horrible tiny font. Haha!

So you might of heard of Untitled Zombie Shooter. If not, it's just a topdown shooting game where you kill zombies. Very simple right now. Anyway, the UZS Engine is actually going to be the platform for at least one other planned game, and will act as practice for other things I want to do in the future. It currently has 3 gun types, some zombies, and some blood. There isn't really a whole lot more you could ask for right now.

The engine was actually started quite a while ago, and I recently got back to it. There still isn't alot to do (even when compared to the first release), but it is good fun. The version out now, which can be downloaded from here, is the basics of a mode I have yet to name. It won't be called Survival, that's being used elsewhere.

So yeah, feel free to give it a go. :3