Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Quick Update

WoW, I didn't see that one coming:
I'm going to be posting here a lot more often guys; I've quit WoW... again... I won't get into the reason behind it too much, but I just wasn't really having fun. On the bright side, I have more time to make games since I won't really be playing any.

Even more Untitled Zombie Shooting:
The project getting most of my attention is Untitled Zombie Shooter. I have a lot of really cool ideas for that game, and while my planned move to a new, higher quality graphical style means I won't be getting new releases out as often as I'd like, I still think it will be worth it. The new style can be seen below:
I currently have 5 or so bosses planned for a first area, as well as some weapon types. I won't say too much on that (spoilers, you know), but I can safely say it's going to be pretty cool. I just hope the rest of the team get involved, because I'm running out of cool ideas. ><

Thursday, 14 April 2011

More WoW, more college, more UZS

World of Warcraft - I've got some enchants on my guy, and got into a raiding guild. Not ready to raid with them yet (still need to replace a few iLevel 333 items) but I am pretty confident that I should be raiding with them soon. Multiple distruptions yesterday meant I didn't get any Heroics completed, but I think today should be different.

College - I'm in college now, actually. We're doing a lot of prep for an exam coming up in two weeks, so I'm pretty bored and pretty stressed out. Gonna be able to come in on Mondays and Tuesdays now (hopefully) so I should have enough time to get everything in on time.

Untitled Zombie Shooter - For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about UZS a lot. It may have something to do with my picking up WoW again, but I want UZS to be largely online, with leveling, "gear", grouping, that sorts of thing. Now, I won't make this game quest based, that's definately not what I want; but I really want groups of people working together to take down a variety of undead bosses.

I want to keep this post as short as possible, so I won't say any more on that right now. I'll probably type something out and make some demonstrations, and post a link later. But yeah, thanks for reading.

Feel free to post any opinions you have on the idea, or the blog in general, and have a great day. ^-^

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

World of Warcrack, UZS, College

Hey guys, bit of a late post but I've not been doing much lately.

As you know, I am now spending large amounts of my free time on World of Warcrack, again. I have been gearing up a Blood Elf Death Knight (I know, shut up) for tanking (yeah, keep laughing) so that I can pick up raiding. Hopefully, this time, I will actually do some raiding. You see, in Wrath the furthest I got was a few weeklies and ToC. Slowly but surely I've been gearing my guy up, and here is my armory page. As you can see, I'm pretty close to being raid-ready.

Other than WoW, two things have been taking up my time and neither are all that interesting; Untitled Zombie Shooter and college work.

In UZS, I have finally implemented the "zombies work by sound" thing I wanted. When you shoot, zombies will hear you. If they get too close, they will hear you. Unfortunately, trying to design levels with this in mind with the brutal difficulty I want isn't proving to be easy. I'm considering increasing the range that zombies can hear gunshots by a lot.

College work is just that, work for college. I've been trying to catch up for a while now, and I'm finally getting there. Not much to say on that really, other than the fact it is really boring... Like this blog entry.

And that's all for now. Will try and post more often guys, but I can't guarantee anything at the moment.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New, quick, kinda buggy game

New game! This one was realy quick, just thought of the idea and made it. There is a bug, but it doesn't happen too often so I'm not too bothered by it. Just be aware that if you get stuck in a block/blocks, I know about that and am working to fix it.

So the start menu (above) is pretty simple (honest!) Click the red square and you can change the players colour (textboxes for now I'm afraid), yellow for floor, and black for background. Click the "Click here to play." button to play, durrrr.

Floor blocks are randomly generated and are constantly falling. The game has no difficulty curve yet, the game either loves you or hates you. You need to try and stay on the screen for as long as possible.

As you can see, the game can get pretty trippy if you choose horrendous colours like I just did... I don't advise doing so.


Oh! Quick heads up; expect some news on Untitled Zombie Shooter in the near future, I've been working on that for a while and anticipate a new demo or video to be released shortly.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Being A Teenager Sucks...

Okay, I'm 18 so I'm not going to be a teenager for much longer, but it still sucks. I am currently going to college 2 and a half days a week, and my parents are trying to pressure me into getting a job. I don't have time for that, I barely have enough time left to get my college work done.

Another trouble teenagers are plagued with; unrequited love. I love a girl who I know can never love me, and even if I don't see her current relationship working; she won't leave her guy for me. She loves him, not me. It's hard, coming to terms with that, to just give up on her. I fought so hard, so long, trying to show her we could work, that if she left him for me it would be a good choice, but she loves him more.

When I'm feeling down, I listen to Taylor Swift... or classical music. Here's one of my favourite TS songs right now:

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Why can't I just post something on this blog each day? Like, I could say about how I picked WoW up again a week or two ago (yeah, that's why I've been so quiet lately). Levelled my Death Knight to 85, done some Heroics as Unholy DPS, now trying to get back into tanking. See? That wasn't hard!

Enigami Games is working on a new game. The rest of the team don't know that yet, but I can guarantee that even the ones who stopped working (they never quit, just lost interest) will care about this one. I can't tell you any more on that project yet, it's supposed to be a suprise. The current name is "Little Heroes Online", but that'll change once more information is released.

The graphic style we'll be working with

LHO might be real-time (WoW isn't fully real-time) with players pressing a button to melee attack, cast spells etc. The cutesy graphic style does not mean the game's story will be childish or light-hearted; quite the opposite I imagine. I just like messing with peoples' heads.