Sunday, 17 October 2010

Aw Jeez...

I've been having some bother with certain parts of code for 3YAC, and I am not entirely sure how I will go about fixing them. That, coupled with the fact that I have been helping my dad with building the extension to the house these past couple of days, means that progress is rather slow.

I have, however, got something to show you guys.

So as you can see, we now have a functioning textbox. It is currently not online, but should be easy to convert because of a similar way of coding them. Now I just need to code item-links in (something I've been having trouble with).

UPDATE: I've got item-links working! Woohoo!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

3 Years and Counting: Coding Begins

Wooh, a second post in a day. That's dedication for you! Anyway, I have some pretty great news; Enigami Games' online zombie shooter, "3 Years and Counting" has gotten off to a pretty great start. I made some player sprites for the game, we did some planning, and I have gotten some of the harder parts of code (hopefully) out of the way.

I intend to use a modified version of my "Cool Space Shooter" engine, which I actually just changed to allow an "aggro" system. This is currently very basic, but it does make enemies follow a player that attacks them. This is done through connections from the client, to the server, to all the other clients. After spam-attacking the aggro-able object for a good while, I noticed no notable lag and considered it a success.

The next thing on my to-do list will be to improve the aggro system, and to test it on a slightly larger scale, and to possibly get started on the chat system.

ALTPLS: Graphics Update

After being told by a member of the GMC that the graphics of A Less Than Perfect Love Story were not good enough for me to realize my dreams of making the game commercial, I have decided to make them less pixelated, and more detailed. 
As you can see, it looks an awful lot nicer than it did. Also, the game is going to be pretty much remade to seem a lot more professional, and a lot less like I made it.

The levels are going to be re-done for the following reasons: most of them are too easy and I want to make the room transitions nicer. In the closed alpha of ALTPLS (released to my friends shortly after Demo 2 was released) it was discovered that really only two of the levels were hard... maybe three. That just won't do... won't do at all.

The menus are also being redone because, again, somebody felt that they weren't good enough for a commercial game. I am, therefore, going to do something clever. Don't ask me what... I'm still planning it.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hai Guise!

Hey there, Rouge from Enigami Games here. I have set up way too many blogs in my lifetime, but this will be the last... I promise.

With this blog I intend to give you all the latest on Enigami Games (the site is still a work in progress) and the games that we are making. I will also be giving readers a little bit of an insight into what I do when I'm not programming (but will try to keep this to a minimum). I will do my best to be interesting here, because I actually want people to READ this stuff.

And that's all, thanks very much guys. :D