Thursday, 3 February 2011

Aspiria is Enigami Games' attempt at a Final Fantasy styled RPG. The game has gone through many very large changes since it was originally started back in 2009 under the name of "Disposal", but this time I am considering taking a step back to it's past 2D glory.

In late 2010, Aspiria went through it's biggest change; it went from 2D to 3D. This change was met with almost solely positive comments from people inside and outside of the Dev Team. There was nobody who disagreed with the move; but who could say no to the adorable charm of the picture above?
However, the 3D new engine isn't without its drawbacks. The game is alot more complicated now, and even though characters clothing can look more different now than it ever could in 2D, this comes with a cost; framerate. While the drop isn't noticable in play, the framerate does indeed suffer even with only the player and a few trees present.

Before the new engine, we (the Dev Team) rewrote the entire story. Our favourite characters were kept but received heavy nerfing. Any ridiculous concepts or characters were removed and rules were put in place to stop the same nonsense occurring a second time. The new story works off the basic premise behind an old RPG project of mine, but with major changes. The story isn't being changed here.

The new (3D) Aspiria engine follows a slightly more action-based format, like Zelda. The old 2D one was more like Final Fantasy; turn-based. While I like the idea of the 3D engine, I also really liked the 2D one alot. The engine for the 2D one was being rewritten to be tidier, and allowed alot more freedom and was alot further than the new one. It didn't look to bad either, in my opinion.

The problem is, I'm not sure whether or not to change. I'll be thinking about this one alot, I know that. Any comments on the matter will be much appreciated, either on the Escapist, on the Forum, or in the comments section below.