Thursday, 14 October 2010

3 Years and Counting: Coding Begins

Wooh, a second post in a day. That's dedication for you! Anyway, I have some pretty great news; Enigami Games' online zombie shooter, "3 Years and Counting" has gotten off to a pretty great start. I made some player sprites for the game, we did some planning, and I have gotten some of the harder parts of code (hopefully) out of the way.

I intend to use a modified version of my "Cool Space Shooter" engine, which I actually just changed to allow an "aggro" system. This is currently very basic, but it does make enemies follow a player that attacks them. This is done through connections from the client, to the server, to all the other clients. After spam-attacking the aggro-able object for a good while, I noticed no notable lag and considered it a success.

The next thing on my to-do list will be to improve the aggro system, and to test it on a slightly larger scale, and to possibly get started on the chat system.

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