Saturday, 4 December 2010

Aspiria- So much news!

New Story
The story of Aspiria is being completely rewritten! The old plot was full of holes which we just "wooshed" over, and the "powerlevels" of different characters could change in seconds just because the plot demanded it. There was a God-Clown, a race of 300, possibly gay and completely unstoppable badguys who for no real reason went into hiding. There was no order AT ALL.

We have thus started again. Alot of of our favourite characters and ideas are being brought over to the new game, but everybody has been bludgeoned repeatedly with the "nerf-bat". The ridiculous ideas are being replaced with slight less ridiculous ones, and everything should overall make much more sense.

New Engine
With the new story comes a new engine. This wasn't originally the plan, but after finding a FANTASTIC walking animation here, I decided it was worth a shot. Since finding the animation, I have created fences, trees, a sword and shield (with working sword slash animation) and a semi-working inventory and equip item system.

I am currently working on finishing the inventory and equipment, and will then work on slightly more important issues.

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