Wednesday, 13 April 2011

World of Warcrack, UZS, College

Hey guys, bit of a late post but I've not been doing much lately.

As you know, I am now spending large amounts of my free time on World of Warcrack, again. I have been gearing up a Blood Elf Death Knight (I know, shut up) for tanking (yeah, keep laughing) so that I can pick up raiding. Hopefully, this time, I will actually do some raiding. You see, in Wrath the furthest I got was a few weeklies and ToC. Slowly but surely I've been gearing my guy up, and here is my armory page. As you can see, I'm pretty close to being raid-ready.

Other than WoW, two things have been taking up my time and neither are all that interesting; Untitled Zombie Shooter and college work.

In UZS, I have finally implemented the "zombies work by sound" thing I wanted. When you shoot, zombies will hear you. If they get too close, they will hear you. Unfortunately, trying to design levels with this in mind with the brutal difficulty I want isn't proving to be easy. I'm considering increasing the range that zombies can hear gunshots by a lot.

College work is just that, work for college. I've been trying to catch up for a while now, and I'm finally getting there. Not much to say on that really, other than the fact it is really boring... Like this blog entry.

And that's all for now. Will try and post more often guys, but I can't guarantee anything at the moment.

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