Sunday, 3 April 2011


Why can't I just post something on this blog each day? Like, I could say about how I picked WoW up again a week or two ago (yeah, that's why I've been so quiet lately). Levelled my Death Knight to 85, done some Heroics as Unholy DPS, now trying to get back into tanking. See? That wasn't hard!

Enigami Games is working on a new game. The rest of the team don't know that yet, but I can guarantee that even the ones who stopped working (they never quit, just lost interest) will care about this one. I can't tell you any more on that project yet, it's supposed to be a suprise. The current name is "Little Heroes Online", but that'll change once more information is released.

The graphic style we'll be working with

LHO might be real-time (WoW isn't fully real-time) with players pressing a button to melee attack, cast spells etc. The cutesy graphic style does not mean the game's story will be childish or light-hearted; quite the opposite I imagine. I just like messing with peoples' heads.